Nice to meet you! I'm Emily, the human behind Cabin. In my 9-5 I am a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer (for textiles, mostly) based out of Toronto, Canada, and sometimes Naples, Florida. 

When I'm not dreaming and drawing up something for Cabin or an illustration client (drawing here: www.emilytaylor.ca) you'll likely find me happily trawling a shoreline for rocks/shells/glass pieces/shards of old crockery and wildflowers; habits from childhood that never faded, the thrill of the hunt. I delight in antique markets and fairs, the more the better. There is no better place to see so many different things displayed all at once, so much eye candy and inspiration at every turn. I love exploring fruit markets in my spare time as well - I've been obsessed with grocery markets since infancy - and am lucky China Town and Kensington Market are so close by; there are so many fruit vendors and small shops near to look through and there’s always something new and interesting to discover. When out of the city (and I try to escape it as frequently as I can), I love reconnecting with nature and immerse myself in as much greenery and flowers as possible.