A myriad of objects and memories inspire Cabin. Nature plays a large role in influencing subject matter on prints and cards, looking chiefly to flowers, plants, birds and fruit native to Canada (though I am starting to branch out). Objects and memories from childhood are also largely inspirational - nostalgic memories many share like their grandmother's mixed-cookie tins, corner store penny-and-dime candies, and chasing the ice cream truck down the block in the summer for that syrupy strawberry sundae.

Other inspirational heavyweights include vintage textiles (floral motifs, feedsack patterns, Scandinavian designs), old botanical books books, antique paper ephemera and illustrated vintage children's stories (especially those patterned endpapers..). Finally, escaping the city environs always lights up the brightest inspirations when I find myself in a creative rut; getting out into the country or down to PEI every summer completely refreshes me and leaves me bubbling with a veritable stew of new ideas.