Cabin has been evolving since it’s inception in 2014. What began as a prospective small-press, independently published magazine focusing on young makers in Canada has transformed instead into a fledgling stationery & home goods company with a nostalgic feel, and twin passions for nature and pattern. Both projects still share a love of paper goods and the unique and personal tactile experience they lend the user. The magazine contents are still simmering in the background, waiting for Cabin to - eventually - circle around to it’s publication origins (one day).

Cabin is based out of the heart of downtown Toronto, wedged between (what was) the Fashion District and China Town. Cabin, the stationery company, began in earnest in the winter of 2016, debuting risograph cards, art prints and illustrated tea towels at Toronto's holiday City of Craft show. In spring 2017, Cabin began wholesaling; expanding the product range out with an emphasis on folded cards. Winter 2017 brought Cabin's first large consumer show, participating in the Christmas One of a Kind show.