Information on Shipping Policies & Timing

Winter Holiday + Postal Strikes
Please expect longer wait times during holiday rush periods and any postal strikes. Longer postal wait times will be posted on Cabin's homepage in a notice, and also on Cabin's Instagram. Please check these locations if you are worried about late packages.

During this holidays season, Canada Post advises shipping delays are in effect due to continuing Covid delays (see below) in addition to the usual Holiday rush delays; please add the following delay wait times into your consideration:

Shipping within Canada: expect 1-3 weeks
Shipping to USA: expect 2-5 weeks
Shipping Internationally: expect 2-7 weeks

Thank you for your understanding at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid 19 delays, Cabin Journal + Canada Post cannot guarantee regular shipping times in 2020 & 2021. I appreciate these delays are frustrating, but unfortunately at present this is out of all of our hands and all shipping services worldwide are currently overwhelmed, massively understaffed and behind schedule. 

I strongly advise purchasing TRACKING with your order to follow its progress and get updates on its location; orders without tracking cannot be located. While I wish I was able to offer tracking for free on all orders, due to the high cost of Canada Post's additional services and being a small business selling paper goods, the option of covering those fees for all customers at present is financially prohibitive.

For orders placed over Christmas and shipped out the week of January 7th, please allow for a 2 month window of delivery in keeping with current postal delays between Canada Post, Border Customs and USPS. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there continue to be postal delays in effect due to the unprecedented volume of online purchases and decreased staff at post offices, postal sorting stations and border customs.

DELAYS WITHIN CANADA: by current estimate of Canada Post, please allow a 1 month shipping/delivery window for package delivery within Canada from date of shipping notification.

DELAYS TO THE USA: by current estimate of Canada Post, please allow a 2 month shipping/delivery window for package delivery to the USA from date of shipping notification. Please be aware of the pandemic-caused slower sorting, slower customs processing, and delays with USPS. 

DELAYS TO INTERNATIONAL: by current estimate of Canada Post, please allow a 3 month shipping/delivery window for package delivery to all International destinations from date of shipping notification. Please be aware of the pandemic-caused slower sorting, slower customs processing, and slower international postal service processing.


Apologies if the shipping seems high, unfortunately Canada Post has raised their postage prices as of January 2021. While I continue to work to find the most flat, lightweight options for shipping as possible, due to the mere dimensions (of large prints and posters in particular), they are considered large mail and oversize mail respectively by Canada Post, and their fees are unavoidably higher.


Shipping Details

During the pandemic, in order to minimize the risk of contact, orders are only going out once a week on Fridays. Please note this is not my 9-5 work and more frequent trips at this time cannot be accommodated.

All orders are mailed through Canada Post, and while they can provide estimated shipping windows, they cannot guarantee delivery times, which is why the shipping dates posted at checkout are approximated. Please keep in mind that I am not Amazon Prime, but merely one individual running a secondary small business, and overnight shipping etc. is definitely not an option. 

Please note that those approximate shipping timeframes are based upon when your order gets mailed, NOT based off when you placed the order. Shipping notifications are emailed to you when your order is in the mail. PLEASE pay attention to your shipping options offered at check out: not all options come with Tracking. If you would like your order tracked, please make sure you select an option with it, otherwise I nor Canada Post will be able to tell you where it is.

Shipping notifications: PLEASE check your spam folders, cache folders etc. for the notification email before emailing requesting it. Sometimes however these notifications get bounced by your mail server; if you have not received a shipping notification please reach out and it will be resent!

Any unforeseen delays in shipping, or dates when the studio shipping is closed for holidays, out of studio etc., will be posted on Cabin's Instagram @cabin_journal and on the main page. Please check those if there seems some delay in your order first, and then please reach out through email at to get help locating your order.

Orders will not be refunded once shipped.