Damages + Lost Packages & Refund Policy

Damages: Cabin is not responsible for any damages incurred through the shipping process. Folded or dented parcels, etc, are not the fault of Cabin and replacement items will not be issued for them. Due to the delicate nature of paper products, Cabin does not accept returns

Lost Packages & Refunds: Unfortunately sometimes packages get mislaid en route, and while this rarely happens (three times in 6 years to date), it usually occurs during the busiest mailing season of the year (the winter holidays). Cabin recognizes that in these instances of missing parcels, it is neither the fault of the customer or sender that they have been mislaid, and without purchased tracking on the shipment to locate the missing order, both parties lose out. In recognition of this:

Cabin offers a refund for 50% of the order for those orders that go missing in the post.

Please Note: More often than naught, these missing parcels in the past have eventually arrived with the customer, being delayed a few weeks due to accidental rerouting, delays with Border Customs clearance, etc. If your postal service has mislaid your order en route, experience has shown it takes them a couple weeks to relocate the wrongly-delivered packages and get them to the correct address, or return them to the Cabin studio if deemed "undeliverable". If your order is returned home to the Cabin studio, you will be notified at once.

I Think My Order is Lost, What Should I do? Please refer to our Shipping page for current delivery window estimates and allow for the following additional times: 2 additional weeks for Canadian customers, 3 additional weeks for USA customers, and 4-6 additional weeks for International customers.

If your package has not arrived after these additional weeks, please reach out to Cabin to arrange your Lost Order Refund (50% of your total order). Please don't give up hope, the few orders that have been mislaid in the past have have 98% of the time found their belated way to their purchasers or returned back to studio here!