Most of Cabin's paper goods are risograph printed; a process that uses soy-based inks. Riso ink is thicker than your average printing ink (about the consistency of squeezed toothpaste) and sits atop papers more than other inks would soak into a sheet. Due to the nature of these vegetable inks, some of the surface ink can lift off the paper and cause smudges (the same way newspaper inks do). 

Caution: please take care while handling risograph products around light-coloured fabrics (wouldn't want to get a fluorescent-pink thumbprint on your shirt!).

Tip: these transfered-ink smudges can be erased off the paper by gently rubbing them away with a clean white art eraser (like a Staedtler eraser). I would only recommend erasing smudges from the unprinted areas, as it is quite effective at lifting ink and would ruin your print if attempted on a printed section.